What Our Policies Cover

We offer four levels of cover for your cat or dog depending on your requirements and budget:

Crystal Cover

Crystal Cover is an affordable accident only cover for veterinary fees and third party liability only. We will cover veterinary fees up to the limit of £1,000 per condition, per policy year. We will also pay for specific alternative medicine.

Pearl Cover

Pearl Cover is a higher cover of veterinary fees with extra benefits. We will cover veterinary fees up to the limit of £2,000 per condition for 12 months from the date of onset. We will also cover boarding fees if you have to go into hospital and the cost of your pet if the worst happens and your pet dies. If you are going abroad and taking your pet with you, we cover up to £2,000 for overseas travel on all policies except Crystal Cover.

Ruby and Diamond Cover

Benefit Limits for veterinary fees apply per condition, per policy year. The additional benefit limits are increased and both Accidental Damage and Personal Accident are included.

Type of CoverAccident Only - Per Condition Per Policy PeriodAccident and Illness - 12 Month Policy ##Accident and Illness - Per Condition Per Policy PeriodAccident and Illness - Per Condition Per Policy Period
Veterinary Fees*£1,000£2,000£2,500£4,000
Complementary Medicine*£300£300£300£500
Special Diet*-£100£100£100
Cruciate Ligament*£500£2,000£2,500£4,000
CT/MRI Scans and Associated Costs*£500£750£1,250£1,250
Dentistry as a direct result of an accident/injury*£1,000£2,000£2,500£4,000
Death of Pet***£500£500£750£1,000
Emergency Boarding-£300£450£600
Daily Minding-£300£450£600
Holiday Cancellation Cover-£250£500£750
Loss by Theft or Straying-£500£750£1,000
Advertising & Reward-£200£300£400
Accidental Damage--£125£250
Personal Accident--£125£250
Third Party Legal Liability (Dogs Only)£1,000,000£1,000,000£1,500,000£2,000,000
Overseas Travel-£2,000£2,000£2,000
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* The Benefit Limits for Complementary Medicine, Special Diet, Cruciate Ligament, CT/MRI scans and Dentistry where applicable are included in the overall Benefit Limit for Veterinary Fees and are subject to the one excess per Condition per Policy Period with the exception of Pearl cover which has one excess per Condition.

** An excess of £99 is deducted for each accident or illness claimed for during each policy period. (For Pearl Cover, the excess is deducted once per Condition).

Once the pet has reached the age of 8, 15% of any treatment costs will be added to this. Any continuation claims for pets aged 8 years and over will also be subject to a 15% co-payment.

*** A one off payment up to the maximum Benefit Limit shown upon the death of your pet up to the age of 8 years old. Death from illness is not included on Crystal Cover.

# A £250 excess is paid once per claim.

## Payments for Veterinary Fees are limited to costs incurred within 1 calendar year from the date the Condition first manifested or the maximum Benefit Limit, whichever is reached first and subject to renewal.

On policies where illness is covered, a 14 day waiting period applies to illness only.

Please refer to the policy wording and key facts documents for full details of cover written in plain English.